Sam Burchfield



With an honest voice, a band of buddies and a fancy hat, Sam Burchfield has managed to build a strong career as an independent artist at just 25 years old. His latest EP, Unarmored, digs a few layers deeper into an already genre-crossing career. From folk, to funk, to southern soul — Sam captures it all on his sophomore release.

“…Burchfield’s music is soulful.  That is the perfect word for it.  It doesn’t just describe his genre  – it describes the heart of the artist himself…”

-Emily McBride – VINYL MAG

Unarmored was a collaboration with Burchfield’s band, building the tracks around his carefully crafted songs and fleshing them out on the road and in the studio. The EP is a sonic journey that jumps from folk love songs like ‘Spring’ to horn-driven jams ‘Accidentally Cute’ and ‘Don’t Forget My Name.’

“This EP was definitely about uncovering and discovering my own sound and direction. The name Unarmored fits because it’s me sort of laying bare all of the different styles that are floating around my head. There’s also a few tracks that are pretty intimate and personal that bring that vulnerability home a little bit.”

Sam and the band have made ripples in the southeast US, opening for soul-phenom St. Paul & The Broken Bones, pop act Ben Rector, and growing a loyal fanbase the old-fashioned way with a powerful live show. Discover the new record Unarmored and keep your ears open for what’s next from this young talent.”

Barnaby Bright



Both classically-trained, the duo has made some cool Americana records, lived in Brooklyn, Nashville and Kansas, toured coast to coast, run out of money, toured Europe, run out of money again, won high-falutin’ prizes for songwriting in New York, generally not argued, done benefit shows for prestigious US AAA radio stations, given away 200k+ tracks on Amazon, kept writing, built an audience, been named one of Amazon’s Top 100 albums of the year, played Lincoln Center & NPR’s Mountain Stage, eaten copious amounts of vegetarian food, attracted 17k+ listeners a month on Spotify and opened for Norah Jones & the Lumineers. Their most recent album, “This is Life,” coming in late 2016, was co-produced with Cason Cooley (Ingrid Michaelson, Matt Kearney) and speaks to where they’ve been, who they are, what they want and where they’re going. It’s smart pop with an authentic Americana stamp, not the other way round. Somewhere in there they got married, but they’d rather not talk about that.